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Welcome to Outdoor Adventures
Mike has been helping hunters arrange highly successful outdoor trips for over 15 years. As an avid hunter, he knows what is
necessary to make you successful in your quest for game.  He has developed a list of top quality outfitters he works with to offer
a wide variety of trips.  These are outfitters with a proven track record of consistently producing game for their clients. Eliminate
the doubt and worry when arranging outdoor travel by booking a hunt with one of our trusted partners. We have a wide variety of
hunts and packages available, for both gun and archery hunters.  
By arranging your trip through UBT, you simplify the entire process. An experienced hunter, Mike provides valuable assistance at
each step of the planning process. In addition to the initial booking, Mike is available to help you with license applications, travel
arrangements, equipment issues, and general information regarding your particular trip.  All of this is available to you at no
additional cost!

contact us if you wish to see anything specific or have questions.
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