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UBT Decoys are the most effective decoys you can use. No other decoy fools birds as totally as an actual mounted “stuffer” style decoy.
You will not believe the results you get when using our decoys - even compared to the current “high-tech” plastic decoys. When it comes
right down to it, they are still plastic, and there is a difference! Many decoys will get a look, bring birds part way in; UBT decoys will have
birds totally fooled.

Not only do our decoys look great, the are engineered for the field, using many innovative techniques that increase their effectiveness and
durability. Properly cared for, these decoys will hold up to daily use and still last for many years. Our specialized mounting process makes
these decoys hold up far better than any other stuffer style decoys.
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Nothing else comes close - the look, the feel, of FEATHERS!
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